Health Brings Rat-Based Warfare Tour to the Majestic Theatre

Health is no stranger to Detroit. Years of consistent touring and a few sold-out club shows have built a loyal Motown fanbase and seen the LA-based industrial outfit finally play a room the size it does elsewhere across the country.


Wednesday night’s stop on the Rat-Based Warfare tour at The Majestic was a high-intensity display of how vocalist Jacob Duzsik, drummer BJ Miller and effects/bassist John Famiglietti’s grind has paid off. 


Versus the cramped confines of El Club and Small’s, The Majestic gave Health’s caustic howls, pummeling sub-bass and chugging guitars more room to breathe without diluting the experience one iota. Duzsik made a few quips throughout the night — “I don’t have anything to say so I’m gonna play another song” — but mostly let his singing do the talking. With no video backdrop, Famiglietti carried the weight of the visual side of things by thrashing around the stage like a caged animal — constant headbanging, smashing effects pedals with his fists.




Metal purists might balk at the band using a backing track for certain effects, but given Health’s very specific brand of heavy music — “cum metal” or “sad music for horny people” according to their merch — it’d be kind of impossible not to. Sure, Nine Inch Nails can do it all live. But Health is three people whereas Trent Reznor typically has double that on the road.


The 19-song set spanned the band’s entire career, but was dominated by selections from December’s Rat Wars. Health’s biggest song, “Tears” from the Max Payne 3 soundtrack was nowhere to be found. Which is understandable, it’s been a setlist staple since at least 2019. Their cover of Deftones’ “Be Quiet and Drive” got even heavier than the studio version. 


Making the leap from teeny tiny clubs to theaters is risky. Wednesday night, Health made it look easy. 


See the full setlist here:


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