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Fall Out Boy ‘So Much (For) Stardust’ Tour at Van Andel Arena

Fall Out Boy visited and thrilled Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Tuesday, March 26 with support from Jimmy Eat World, Hot Mulligan, and Games We Play.


Van Andel Arena was packed with enthusiastic fans of each band that hit the stage, and there were moments where the crowd participated by throwing their phones in the air to light the room during ballads and emotional moments.


Check out each individual gallery of the bands, their setlists and more below.





Games We Play put on a hell of a performance for the people piling into the arena to see Fall Out Boy. They shared a high-energy performance, followed by a “contest” where frontman Emmyn Calleiro brought out his brother to find him a new girlfriend, before having his brother play bass on the track “Naked.”


They also shouted out their next show date, which was at The Sanctuary in Detroit, inviting the crowd to come and experience their performance a second time, before passing the mic to Hot Mulligan.






Hot Mulligan always is a joy to photograph because they put on a killer performance. We caught them last year at Sad Summer Fest, and they were just as thrilling, if not more. They kicked off their set with “Drink Milk and Run,” followed by “Shhhh! Golf is On” before rocking through the rest of their best tracks.


Check out their 9-song setlist below:







Jimmy Eat World came out swinging when it came to their set. Because they were the direct support rather than the headliner of the event, they started their set with some of their most popular bangers to get the crowd hype, starting with the trio of “A Praise Chorus,” “Big Casino,” and “Sweetness.”


They also pulled quite a few tracks from their album ‘Futures,’ which was exciting as someone who obsessed over that album when it was released. They ended their set with “Bleed American” and “The Middle,” closing the loop on their most popular tracks, and opening up the stage to Fall Out Boy, the main act.








Fall Out Boy puts on a stellar performance on every show date, no matter what city, and as someone who’s usually in the audience for their shows, they like to mix up their setlist enough to where seeing them isn’t always going to be the same songs every time.


After kicking off the show with “Love From The Other Side,” “The Phoenix,” and “Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down,” they worked themselves through over 20 songs, and pulled out all the stops. They had a debut on the setlist this time, with the ‘Infinity on High’ track “The Take Over, The Breaks Over,” which we didn’t expect to hear (especially since we’d been jamming ‘Infinity on High’ on the trek from Detroit to Van Andel Arena).


The sets were super intricate, including themes that were fairytale-esque (to match the vibe of the “Love From The Other Side” video we’d bet), which included what looked to be a kraken, a dog, and more. They had staff hand out pink papers to hold over their phone lights during “Fake Out” which created a pink-lit arena and a memorable moment for fans.


They also pulled something off what they dubbed “The Purple Album” aka ‘MANIA’ for the 8-Ball Song of the Night. For those who aren’t aware, they have a circular screen at the top of their stage, and they ask the 8-Ball questions to arrive at the song of the night, which ended up being “Wilson (Expensive Mistakes).”


After the 8-Ball track, they closed out their set with some of the fans biggest favorites including “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up),” “Thnks Fr Th Mmrs,” “Centuries,” and of course, “Saturday.”


Relive or listen to the setlist here:




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