Saint Motel & Steinza Bring Stellar Flair to a Sold Out Saint Andrew’s Hall

On April 17th, 2024, St. Andrew’s Hall was filled to the brim for the long-awaited Saint Motel concert, appropriately named ‘The Awards Show Tour.’ The reason behind the name? Fans were allowed to vote for the songs they wanted the band to perform that night which added an interactive piece, an element of surprise, and a great opportunity for fans to connect with the band on a deeper level.





The opening act was Steinza, who walked onstage with only an acoustic guitar and a water bottle. Steinza was a delightful solo artist who told personal stories to go along with his melodic songs. A memorable moment was when he shared the story behind his song “Christine,” which was inspired by having a crush on his dental hygienist. He never got to ask her out, but they do have the song added to the dental office’s playlist. Steinza was the perfect charming and laid-back opener before Saint Motel’s dynamic set.





Saint Motel finally hit the stage at exactly 9:00PM and began their set with “Van Horn”. They walked onstage dressed sharply, in shimmering gold and red velvet suits. Throughout the night, five songs were chosen and revealed by opening an envelope onstage. The songs voted by Detroit fans were “Butch,” “You’re Nobody Till Somebody Wants You Dead,” “For Elise,” “Sisters,” and “Ace in the Hole.”


The band’s setlist also included songs such as “Puzzle Pieces,” “A Good Song Never Dies,” and “Move.” The sold-out crowd was ecstatic and mesmerized by the band’s magnetic energy. Everyone on the barricade and throughout the entire hall was smiling and jumping around throughout the show. The band closed out the night with their most iconic song, “My Type,” and frontman A.J. Jackson even took a stroll through the crowd to sing it.


Overall, Saint Motel put on such a wonderful, colorful, and high-energy sold-out performance. Fans were able to enjoy their favorite songs and create lasting memories. The Detroit stop on the Awards Show Tour was truly an unforgettable experience.


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