Alpha Wolf, Emmure, UnityTX, & Chamber Musically Crush St. Andrew’s Crowd

In the wake of a monumental weekend for Detroit, with crowds of people circling everywhere for the events of the NFL Draft, there lies a line of people. A line of people waiting to enter the doors of St. Andrews Hall to experience a crushing performance from Alpha Wolf and company.






The night began with Nashville’s own ‘Chamber.’ Bringing groovy chugs, supporting screams, vocalist callouts, and pure aggression, they needed very little time getting the crowd warmed up with an opening track sharing their band name from their latest album ‘A Love To Kill For.’ By the time they ended their set with their track “Hopeless Portrait,” the crowd was ever thirsty for what more the night had in store for them.








Next to take the stage was the Texan quartet, UnityTX. Opening with their newest single ‘Playing Favorites,’ the crowd immediately picked up where they left off and caused a Ruckus, just like the title of one of their other tracks played towards the end of their set. With the band’s refreshing blend of hardcore and hip-hop with nu-metal influences, combined with wild dance moves and stage presence, especially from vocalist Jay Webster, UnityTX had something for the whole crowd to either vibe to or break something to (subtle Fred Durst reference there).







The following act, and direct support for the headliner of the night, were a legendary name in the scene ever since the 2000’s, Emmure. With a darkened stage and bass booming through the speakers, the band took the stage and began with their short, yet effective opening track ‘You Asked for It’ which effortlessly led into fan favorite “Shinjuku Masterlord” as it does on their 2017 album ‘Look at Yourself.’ With 9-string guitar chugs from Josh Travis, provocative aggression from vocalist Frankie Palmeri, and expertly timed lighting cues to strobe on beat, the crowd had a special set unfolding right before them. Finishing off their set with an iconic deep cut “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong,” the crowd became a symphony as everyone sang out the closing hook, chanting “won’t you be my bride?”







At last, awaiting the Aussie headliner to take the stage, the crowd sits silent and still; beckoning a violent will. Am I intentionally quoting their song “60cm of Steel”? Perhaps, but it does paint quite an accurate depiction of a crowd eagerly waiting to expend what remains of their energy on the final set of the night; the one they all came to see. Lucky for them, Alpha Wolf swiftly took their places with guitarist Sabian Lynch provoking the crowd with hand gestures to get the gears churning as the opening strings of “Bring Back the Noise” ring out.


As the crowd energy exponentially rose, it only took but a few songs for the band to slow down and call upon the crowd for a Wall of Death for the bridge section of “Sub Zero.” As the words “So come and break it off if you want a piece” escaped vocalist Lochie Keough’s mouth, the sea of people collided into each other like two massive waves crashing in the ocean.


The night continued with an ever-steady energy level, pausing only briefly for a brief fan injury (they were ok!) during “Sucks 2 Suck” where UnityTX bassist Kendrick Nicholson assisted on the rap feature originally performed by none other than the legend Ice T. The band left the crowd with a final surprise during the fan favorite “Akudama” closer, as local Eric Vanlerbergh of I Prevail joined the stage to scream out a verse into the iconic breakdown callout “A-KU-DA-MA OOH” and exchanging a hug with Lochie before exiting the stage.


During the closer, the band brought out tens of inflatable Alpha Wolf-branded beach balls to launch into the crowd. As the final track came to a close, the crowd gave their parting cheers as the band exited the stage and the night came to a close. The only thing left to do was to figure out how to navigate out of the city amidst the road closures, but not before checking out the merch tables downstairs first.


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