Bowling For Soup, Authority Zero, and Mest Rock St. Andrew’s Hall

“Since Bruce Springsteen, Madonna… Way before Nirvana,” there was a tour so great it would bring everyone back to the early 2000’s. Some heavy-hitters from those years have joined forces to bring us back in time.


Bowling For Soup, Authority Zero and Mest have joined forces to bring us the “Getting Old Sucks Tour” which came to Detroit’s St Andrews Hall on September 14th.




The band Mest started out the evening playing their signature fast pop punk songs with a few covers mixed in. Jumping around on stage (and trying not to fall over each other), Mest blasted through their 10-song setlist with classics like their cover of “I Will Stop The World,” “Rooftops,” and my personal childhood favorite “Cadillac.” It was great to finally see this band live, and they sounded just like their albums. I couldn’t recommend going to one of their shows enough!





Up next was Authority Zero! It’s been almost 10 years since I have seen them play live, and oh my god did I forget how fast they play! Starting off hot with my absolute favorite songs “Get It Right,” it seemed as if it was played at twice the speed. I’ll admit, the little punk kid in me was screaming with joy!





It’s always a breath of fresh air when you go see a band you grew up listening to as a kid, and you see them play now and can tell they are still having fun doing it. Bowling For Soup is exactly that for me! They have incredibly catchy songs that anyone young or old can relate to, and I saw kids in the front row whose parents are showing them a glimpse of what it was like for them growing up.


It’s little things like that that make you enjoy live music and pop punk. One other thing that hasn’t changed in all of these years is Bowling For Soup has a wicked fun sense of humor, throwing out dick jokes and making fun of the crowd along with themselves. It made for a really great night, and I am happy we were there to witness it!




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