Mac Saturn Performs Hometown Show to Release ‘Hard to Sell’

Mac Saturn creates a vibe all their own when they grace a stage, despite whatever comparisons you have heard from people trying to lump them into a box, and this was as evident as ever on Friday, January 26 when the band performed to a hometown crowd at The Fillmore Detroit.




“As details continue to roll in, as well as a public outcry in both our comments and comments around the city of Detroit, the only thing I can say is that at the time of original publication, on January 27, 2024, I carried on with our duty to cover the event as a member of the press with the information I had available at the time. Now, with all the statements, a canceled tour, and more allegations coming out against more than just Evan Mercer, the only thing I can really do at this point is note that we reported on what we knew at the time, and we will not be reporting on Mac Saturn further. Please refer to other Detroit outlets that have much more manpower and sourcing to cover such a delicate topic. Thank you for understanding.”


– Ami Nicole ACRONYM, Editor-In-Chief, Lead Photographer of ACRONYM ZINE




“There will be some criticisms of ACRONYM ZINE covering this show given the events that transpired hours before showtime. As Editor-In-Chief, I made the executive decision to move forward with the coverage of Mac Saturn’s hometown show, and I want to explain why.


Under sources that will not be revealed, it was relayed to me that the members of Mac Saturn and their team were unaware of Evan Mercer’s activities prior to his arrest, and the band promptly released a statement on social media, noting he was no longer in the band.


As a journalist, I refuse to gloss over the information that has come to light, because not mentioning it leaves an elephant in the room and a lack of accountability on my part to share the facts. However, it is not in my opinion, or my job, or yours, to rob the rest of the band members of their hard-earned work and the steps it took them to get to this point, condemning them because of one person’s actions. I met a version of Mac Saturn for the first time back in 2019, and throughout this timeframe, they have proved to be talented, hardworking, and something the city of Detroit should be proud of.


Much like Carson Macc addressed this topic before their set took place to the crowd, I decided the best way to meet this topic is head-on. That being said, I will be choosing to move forward with the rest of this review highlighting the band’s performance, fan reception, and art, and will make no further mention of Evan Mercer, or the news that transpired hours before the show. If you wish to find out more regarding that topic, please refer to other news outlets from Detroit.”


– Ami Nicole ACRONYM, Editor-In-Chief, Lead Photographer of ACRONYM ZINE





Kicking off their set with fan-favorite “Diamonds,” you feel transported to an era that’s entirely different for someone the age of Mac Saturn‘s members. If you are older, however, they might just be a new ideation of what you remember from when you were younger, clinching nostalgia and enveloping inspiration from years past.


The band’s frontman Carson Macc has almost a theatre-type quality about him, using specific songs to bring out props like an old telephone, or producing maracas from a suitcase. With fuzzy dice hanging from the mic stand, the swagger oozes from his existence, and it’s hard not to smile watching that energy flow through him.


The chill yet skilled Nick Barone sways and plays – occasionally exploding through the song with his own brand of calculated fury. This, coupled with Mike Moody’s epic solo quality and backup vocals further stitch together the tapestry of sound that many will call retro, but those who truly know can put the stamp on it — a signature Detroit quality that’s hard to put to words.


Angelo Coppola, the equally talented drummer, rocked out in the back and donned his shades, pounding through tracks like “Persian Rugs” and “Mr. Cadillac,” tying it all together in one fluid, yet funky masterpiece.


Mixing in songs from their newly dropped album ‘Hard To Sell’ with tracks from their ‘Until The Money Runs Out‘ EP, fans got to have a listening party, but with the band live. By the time they got halfway through the set and hit on “Ain’t Like You,” fans could be seen swaying and waiving their arms, christening it as a fan favorite in our eyes.


There’s a long pathway to go even though Mac Saturn has come so far already, playing lineups at major festivals like Austin City Limits and Bottle Rock. This headlining tour for ‘Hard To Sell’ comes after tour stints with Dirty Honey and The Struts and as long as the band continues to show their grit and true talent, we can only expect and hope that their success will continue into 2024.


Stream ‘Hard To Sell‘ now on all streaming services.

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