Girl in Red Solidifies Her LGBTQ+ Icon Status at Masonic Temple

On May 2, 2024, Norwegian singer-songwriter Girl in Red, whose real name is Marie Ulven Ringheim, took the stage at the Masonic Temple in Detroit. It was an incredibly memorable experience that truly showcased why she’s become such an LGBTQ+ icon in recent years.



From the moment she took the stage, the crowd erupted in a thunderous roar. Audience members were dressed in suits and ties, screaming along to every lyric. The crowd even started to throw gifts like bracelets and even a custom tie onto the stage to give to her.



Girl in Red filled the venue with her insane energy, jumping around the stage non-stop while performing songs such as “DOING IT AGAIN BABY,” “bad idea!” and “girls.” Of course, it wouldn’t be a Girl in Red show without her playing the fall anthem “we fell in love in October.” Throughout the show, she talked with the audience and told jokes in between songs, really showing off her charismatic stage presence.





The majority of her set showcased songs from her second album, ‘I’M DOING IT AGAIN BABY!’ that was just released last month. Songs such as “I’m Back,” “Ugly Side,” and “Phantom Pain” were highlights.



Closing out her set with “i wanna be your girlfriend,” Girl in Red parted the crowd and went in to sing along with everyone. Girl in Red and her band put on an amazing performance and we were left completely in awe of their talent.


See the Girl in Red setlist here:



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