Teezo Touchdown Wows a Sold-Out Saint Andrew’s Hall

Teezo Touchdown has had quite a whirlwind of a time recently prior to his sold out show at St. Andrew’s Hall, but he’s definitely not an overnight sensation.


This was evident by how he decided to curate his set for the night. The difference between a “normal” showcase vs. what we got with Teezo happened to be that he broke his set into acts, and between each act was an interview segment.


The interviewer in the video clips asked Teezo about his performances and altar egos that he shared while performing in front of a white graffiti garage, which was part of his rise to fame.


You have to give a shout-out to Teezo’s ever changing looks, pushing heavy into the alternative vibe. Many have taken note of his fashion first, putting nails into his hair, and the fact that he uses a microphone encased in a bouquet.




His features lately have also been huge, giving him more notoriety while working with Travis Scott, Drake, Tyler, The Creator, and Doja Cat — with the latter inviting him to perform at this year’s Coachella during the song “MASC.”


Fans were in love with the set and he was such a sought after performer that there were teams of photographers on site switching out between acts to capture a glimpse.


Check out the full set list here:

*NOTE: This playlist does not include “100 Drums.”


Catch Teezo Touchdown on the road at a show near you by visiting TeezoTouchdown.com.

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