Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin, Jinjer at Pine Knob Music Theatre

Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin, and Jinjer rocked the Pine Knob Music Theatre stage on Friday, September 1, 2023.


We’ve broken down the performances set by set to give each band their own highlight, to show off the photos, and to share their setlists in an easy-to-listen way, whether to experience it or to relieve it!




We had never heard a song from the Ukrainian metalcore band JINJER before but were assured they would be a great act to witness. Those praises weren’t wrong, because we left mesmerized by the the sights and sounds.


There have been different ideations of the band in the past, but we’ll fast forward to 2010: The addition of Tatiana Shmayluk. Her stage presence is both energetic and methodical, and you’re never prepared to realize that she is both a clean vocalist and is also letting out those low growls. The band itself beyond Shmayluk are Roman Ibramkhalilov (guitars), Eugene Abdukhanov (bassist), and Vladislav Ulasevichs (drums), and they create an overall balance and energy to the full performance.


Part of the closing of their bio on their website reads the following:

“In August 2021, to the surprise and delight of fans, JINJER released their most ambitious album to date: WALLFLOWERS, presenting a methodical and premeditated next step in the band’s already imposing career, but moreover, mirroring the personal adversities they’ve faced during the worldwide events over the last few years. WALLFLOWERS is not only an upgrade to the progressive groove metal sound that all JINJER fans crave, but also a sonic pressure cooker of technical musicianship, emotional fury and an intense soundtrack befitting the harrowing state of the world today.”


Sometimes it can be more intriguing and entertaining to experience a band live for the first time, rather than knowing their catalog by the time you’re witnessing it. I found myself entranced by the overall experience and was dying to know more.


Flip through the images we caught through the performance:



Check out their setlist from that night here:






Benjamin Burnley, frontman and founder of Breaking Benjamin still sounds as stellar as the day we first heard him. Layering the setlist with some of their career’s best bangers, the band focuses on their playing more than gestured showmanship. The sound quality really reflects the musicianship of the group and the emotion overall in the lyrics.


Relive the moment with us by viewing the photos:



Check out their setlist from that night here:








Disturbed is a ferocious act. For a band that’s been going since 1994, they’ve only gotten better in the decades. When you hear songs like “Ten Thousand Fists,” you marvel at David Draiman’s vocals. There’s not a single imperfection or wavering of his tune, a skill that’s hard to find these days with other acts and all the auto-tune tech and studio recordings.


On songs like “Stupify,” we witnessed the energy of guitarist Dan Donegan, who jumped during every chorus (which was fun to photograph and witness), dragging that energy into the playing. John Moyer and Mike Wengren keep the beat to round it all out, with intensity and precision. It’s also important to note that talent goes beyond just playing and singing. Their 4th album, ‘Indestructible’ is on record as being produced by Draiman, Donegan, and Wengren, according to PearlDrum.com.


If you’ve not witnessed seeing Disturbed live, if you get the opportunity, take it. You may be pleasantly surprised how much you enjoy yourself! View the images we captured below:


Check out their setlist from that night here:



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