Bayside Brings Stacked Lineup of Friends to Fillmore Detroit

Bayside brought their ‘The Worse Things Than Being Alive’ tour to the Fillmore Detroit on May 1 and invited a slew of friends for this run including Finch, Armor for Sleep, and Winona Fighter.





Winona Fighter brought their A-game for their last date on this tour with a ferocity we’ve not seen in a minute. Coco uses a megaphone at one point during her vocal performance and spends time trading on and off on the guitar. They also wrapped in a cover of Blur’s “Song 2” along with their original material including our new favorite jam, “You Look Like a Drunk Phoebe Bridgers.”


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Armor for Sleep always brings a solid performance, and they’re very aware that a majority of their fans are lovers of ‘Dream To Make Believe’ and ‘What To Do When You Are Dead,’ their most popular albums. They snuck in two songs that didn’t come from those albums, “Williamsburg” and “In This Nightmare Together,” but they knew they weren’t making it out of Detroit without doing “Car Underwater.”


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Finch is a band we’ve had on our bucket list for ages, and last year’s stop in Detroit overlapped in a hard way for Riot Fest so we missed out! The band came out swinging with their “moody AF” lighting, which totally fit their performance overall. Mainly highlighting songs off ‘What It Is To Burn,’ their most popular release, fans were able to relive how solid that album still is today.


The band also performed what look to be 2 new songs (there are two missing from streaming services, “Rainy Day” and “Horror Island”), which gives us hope that new music is on the way, as well as “Insomniatic Meat” and “A Piece of Mind” from ‘Say Hello To Sunshine.’ We’ll keep an eye out for a new drop from them in the near future!


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Bayside has been what I like to refer to as a silent titan within this scene. The fact that they’re still operating and cranking out new stuff every couple years keeps them active and discoverable for the new audiences coming to them, while still servicing us – the tried and true fans.


Hearing the new songs from Bayside’s new album ‘The Worse Things Than Being Alive’ like “How To Ruin Everything (Patience),” “Go To Hell,” and “Castaway” was an absolute delight, sandwiched in between some of our favorites like “Blame It On Bad Luck,” “Montauk” and “Sick, Sick, Sick” was an absolute blast, ensuring the reign of the band for years to come.


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