The Darkness Celebrate 20 Years of ‘Permission To Land’ at Saint Andrew’s Hall

The Darkness has an energy and vibe that nobody can say isn’t unique. That’s what I realized when I was a teenager when I heard The Darkness for the first time. Yes, of course, it was “I Believe In A Thing Called Love.” But though their careers skyrocketed with this moment, you have to look past the single.


‘Permission To Land’ celebrates its 20th Anniversary with a highlighting tour that stopped at Saint Andrew’s Hall on October 15, and anyone who missed it missed a hell of a jam sesh. In addition to playing the album in its entirety, they also slid in some of their other songs from albums like ‘One Way Ticket To Hell…and Back,’ and ‘Last Of Our Kind.’


Frontman Justin Hawkins has an unmatched stage presence between his flair, his ferocity on the mic, guitar licks, fashion, and… well, HEADSTANDS! Post-photography, he even put on a shirt from the crowd that says “Who ate all the pussy?” Need I say more?


The band, in addition to the tour, re-released their 2003 album under the title ‘Permission To Land…Again,’ in various formats (5LP, 4CD+DVD, 2CD, Digital) and includes the original album plus special content like rare B-sides, unreleased demos, live recordings of their iconic shows at London’s Astoria (2003), Knebworth (2004) and Wembley Arena (2004) and more.


Check out the photos from the show (photographed by Ami Nicole ACRONYM), as well as their setlist below:




Ami Nicole is a Concert + Festival Photographer and Music Journalist who has covered multiple artists of all genres in digital media and in Radio to 60+ stations across the U.S. Some of the acts she's photographed include Billie Eilish, Snoop Dogg, Rob Zombie, My Chemical Romance, Shinedown, and more. See her full portfolio on

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