Hash Bash 2024: Photos, Speeches, and More

Hash Bash 2024 was both a joyous occasion and a tribute to those who have fallen within the Cannabis Community, with a large emphasis on highlighting activist John Sinclair.


Known for being a Poet and Advocate of other creatives, founded the organization of the White Panther Party in 1968 (an anti-racist group that supported the Black Panther Party), and was the manager for The MC5 and The Stooges, among other accolades, many who reached the protest podium today shared stories and education on Sinclair, who passed away this week at the age of 82.


Laith Al-Saadi opened the event with a song, and then took a moment to remind everyone that despite it being a celebration in the Diag, Hash Bash is and always will be a protest, and we have a long way to go to fight against the issues of the world.


Speakers approached the podium to speak about Sinclair, the history of Hash Bash, and sharing information from organizations as well as inviting those standing in the audience to join the cause at various booths on the University of Michigan’s campus.





On the opposite side of the Diag, Monroe Street was popping with all sorts of food, vendors, smoke sessions and more. Zazz Canna Co. had their parachute sesh raging on the property, there was some leaf blowers and mega-smoke devices being lit up on the grass, and sellers of glass and products were everywhere to be found. Brands like Cookies and Ooze were on the property, as well as brands like Nature’s Remedy and Michigander Fire.


Check out all the images photographed by Ami Nicole ACRONYM:


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